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EPE foam pipe is a kind of new-type foam material and it is widely used in the jacket of air conditioner, pipeline heat insulation, toy guardrail and recreation places etc. due to its high foam ratio, good elasticity and heat preservation. As a kind of new-type filling and ornament material, EPE foam net is a kind of new soft packing material. It is widely used for the package of glass products, precision, instrument, and various kinds of fruits.


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Extruding unit
⑴Gear box
Model: 225-16 hard tooth-surface
Material: FCD25 mollealle iron
Box body: FC20
Gear wheel: SCM4 special gear wheel burnishing and
heating dealing
Model:Cooling water jack,prevent material sticking at the
inlet of hopper when material injecting.
material: FCD25 mollealle iron
⑶screw tube
Diameter: ∮160mm
Material: 38CrMoAlA nitrogen treatment


Anti- shrinking agent injection unit
⑴Anti-shrinking agent:glycerin monostearate(GMS)
⑵Metering pump style: high pressure measure pump ,
single pillar piston
⑺Method of heating:belt heater
⑻Heating zone:2 zones
⑼Detector:2 detecting point


Automatic feeding device and feeder table(CE standard)
(1)Auto feeding unit 1set
(2)Feeding method: Auto feeding
(3)Hopper: conical CE standard
(4)Hopper with sight-glass
(5)Operation table of blending materials : Made of ss41 steel CE standard
(6)Steel ladder : made of ss41 steel CE standard


Heating area:8 pcs
Method of heating:cast aluminum heater
Method of cooling: inner and outer water cooling
Diameter: ∮90
Material: 38CrMoAlA nitrogen treatment

High pressure metering pump
⑴The high pressure pump is manufactured in China with good quality, famous brand, German technology
⑵Injecting valve core material is stainless steel.
⑶Pump base is weld by profile steel
⑷Pump style:high pressure measure pump
⑸Output regulation:regulate the itinerary of piston
⑻Foaming agent style: liquid butane


Haul-off unit
Transmission type:belt transmission. The gap adjustable,
apply to different specification products.
Haul-off driven type: motor drives gear box,
rotating speed controlled by inverter.
Cutting unit
Model: motor driven round knife type
Cutting driven:knife movement driven by cylinder.
Count control: meter controller can be preset

Transmission unit
Type:belt transmission
Belt length:3 m


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