PE thickening 1200 machine

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This machine is mainly used in thickening EPE Foam Sheet with air as medium of heat conducting, making use of high temperature air to melt EPE Foam Sheet each other, then pressed by the steel roller. This thickened sheet is used widely in construction material, packaging, shoes making, bags and suitcases industry etc. reason structure, high production efficiency, easy to operate etc.

Machine unit:
Material of thickening roller:steel roller.
Open and close method of thickening roller: two rollers are driven by motor up and down
Driving method:gear box driven by motor,direct transmission,easy operation,safety and beauty.
Heating Method:electric heating
Heating box one set:composed by 3heaters
Needle roller can eliminate the bubble during production.
Haul-off material:Steel
Open and closed method: driven by cylinder.
Winding method: torque motor control

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